Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Our Small Circle of Moms.

We all know that Meb has a dead part of her bone.  She is thankfully not in pain and her steroids are going down but it is a problem.  It is not a huge, pull it out and replace it problem but it is of "Grave Concern".  So how do we address it you ask. 

Some swimming, some gentle walking, some yoga, some high calcium rebuilding chews, do-able stuff.  So yesterday we went to Seattle Children's before even the Valet guys were awake, (7:30 am).  We settled into the Physical Therapy waiting room and it was very quiet.  One poor child with over active nerves in her ankle beginning and intensive 2 week rehab program, and a Chappy kid. 
Dr. Chappy Conrad, is a gaulky awkward guy that takes out bones and rebuilds them in kids with bone cancer.  You can tell the kids, bald, braces on their legs and usually a spot that just won't heal on a long incision.  We were all chatting and in came a child, 6ish, with a pregnant mom. 

Child sounded like a TB patient with snot going everywhere when he coughed and sneezed.  We did not stay but were luckily leaving.  I suggested to William's mom they get into a safer place and the snotty child's mom was not happy.  "He has asthma, he is not sick!"  I left.  I did not have a chance to let her explain how stupid I was to doubt her judgment.  Now, I would have loved to talk to her about donating her cord blood as she was obviously pregnant but had to let it go.  We were off to another clinic, not at the hospital.

Here is my general apology.  I am so sorry I hurt your feelings.  I would do it again. I won't expose her to anything if I can help it.  I certainly am not going to sit in a small confined space with a leaking child. 

We all have to do what ever it takes to keep our kids safe.  Cancer Moms are a crazy bunch when it comes to such things.  We live every day with huge amounts of fear and trepidation.  The smallest thing can push us over the edge.  And once we are over that edge, we don't recover very well.  We have no reserves. 

So if you encounter us and we shun you with disgust, please don't take it personally.  Now I have to find my dinning room table.   

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