Friday, April 19, 2013

Good news is such a relief

So we go along and we do appointments and blood draws and more appointments.  It is all relative.

We rejoiced in the fact Mary-Elizabeth does not have to plan her life around life long  blood thinning with rat poison. Good news?  I a weird sort of way it is good news. She is 20 years old.  She should never have had blood thinners in the first place.  But as a Cancer Mom one begins to grasp at anything that is not a disaster.  Good news is something not a disaster.

Second bit of news.  Her triglycerides are 300.  300 is a celebration in Post-Transplant, not off immunotherapy world.  In the real world it is a disaster.  300 would set off bells and whistles and drugs and more worry.  In Cancer World it is a huge triumph. 

We take them where we can get them.  "Oh we only have 34 more days of isolation and antibiotics."  "My child is only stage 3 not 4."  "Mary-Elizabeth has the good kind of leukemia we are so lucky." 

It is a lesson in how amazing the human spirit can be when pressed with imminent disaster.  This sort of thing is going on in Boston right now.  "I only have shrapnel wounds right now." " I only lost my leg." 

We all have the ability to make the best of a bad situation.  It takes time sometimes to move from despair to positive but the ability is there.  

It is raining today but look at the wonderful picture of nighttime raindrops I was able to take last night.   

It's all good.  Not our choice, but it is all good.

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