Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tried to blog on my phone to No Avail.

We were visiting and working on things at Grandma Mary's.  She is working on moving to a new place.  The place is yet to be decided but there is definitely a downsizing that needs to happen regardless.

Things are leaving the house.  It is freaking me out the walls are being emptied of paintings and such.  Not that they don't need a new home but I guess I hate empty walls.  Since they are the last to be decor4ated, I don't like that they are the first to be undecorated.  Walls with tastefully added paintings and other forms of art give a place warmth and depth and a feeling of home.

We have had lots of homes in our lives.  I don't think any of us are really attached to the house as much as the people in it.  It is hard to know Mom needs to find a smaller place. She and Dad had a great run in this place.  This new place will be the first place Mom has ever lived on her own.  In essence it is her first apartment.  She is from the live at home, go to college, get married generation.  Her children have all explored with a job and an apartment in the middle somewhere. 

She is looking at three places.  The place Belle and I went to look out was very nice.  But it was Beige.  Really Beige.  I asked our friend Ruth about it and she said lots of them were pink.  Oh, I could never live in beige housing.  She and Amy (Alex's wife) are going to check out a couple other places.  One is the Eugene Hotel.  I have visions of Eloise at the Plaza sort of thing but then I have always had a very vivid imagination.

New events, new changes. They just keep coming.  I am glad I have learned to like roller coasters. 

Oh, great thing on the way home yesterday.  We watched a plane take a
Tree at my old apartment.
glider up and let it go.... How cool is that!!

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