Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We're Back in the Hospital Again, We're Back in the Hospital Again....

Should be sung to an old country western tune.

But I had such a great time in LA with my family and with the weather and with the rental car.  It was grand.  Dinosaurs, Saber Tooth Cats, (no tigers, they are different), Van Gough, Nixon, Melrose, Compton, Norma's Restaurant, Kindle Donuts, Nigerian Delegation, Quiet Spoken United Pilot that did not understand how we could let the Japanese have the first 787 and not an American Airline, Sabine and Stephan from Munich.  It was wonderful.

Wonderful ends and reality begins.

Above the cute toes, a swollen leg.  Clots in legs cause swelling.

She was complaining when I came home.  I looked, I assessed, we went to dinner.  Then we called Dr. Fassett and then we went to the hospital and then she had an ultrasound and then she was admitted and then.....blood drawn, lovanox (yet two more shots a day).
Lots of blood draws, blood clotting  before it can be tested....

Cancer is creative.  I have to adjust my thinking.  I have a six month old baby.  As baby's grow, they are unpredictable.  They grow and change and just as you have it all figured out, they change again.  I am 6 months through this process.  I should not be surprised when there are new developments.

Okay, I can't fix this situation.  So I shall concentrate my efforts on identifying the warbler I saw by Nixon's birthplace.

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