Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tooth Aches.....

Looks good to me.  I was sure that I had just been grinding my teeth.  I was sure there was nothing really wrong other then I was in huge amounts of pain and my glands were swollen and I couldn't chew and I was really really grumpy.

Now it could have been from spending time with my family"  What do you want to eat?"  " I don't know."  "What is around?"  "I don't know?"  "Lets take the shuttle to the International Terminal and eat in the airport and eat in the food court." "Hell no" "Okay, where do you want to eat?"

So I came home and I was much more empathic about tooth aches.  I was ready to find the closest barber with a good pair of pliers.  Off to the dentist.  X-Ray.  Then the dentist wanted to touch it.  Are you kidding me?  DON'T TOUCH MY OUWIE!!!!

Then an appointment for an Endodontist.  Not even a dentist.  Endodonist stands for: Person that is going to drill a hole in your already hurting tooth and dig and grind and muck around in all three of your curly roots and pull out a bunch of stuff while looking under a microscope and keep digging until you scream and complain and almost hit her.  Then she says, "I would like to work about 10 minutes longer"

She closes you up and then says:  "We need to do that again in a couple of weeks."

What ever I did, what ever I said, I am really really sorry.

So after that process I go home.  Take some left over pain meds and go to sleep.  My lovely daughter comes home and reminds me a toothache is nothing.

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