Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fires are burning.

If you are from Idaho and have lived in Southern Idaho where fires grow to thousands of acres in a few hours, you appreciate the power of flames.  Feather ville front porch.

Lots of fires happen other places than Seattle.  I drove by Cle Elum an hour before they began understand and fear and flee fire.  

 I have a cousin that is waiting for his house to burn in Idaho.  His house is in Featherville.  It is such a feeling of dread, knowing it is coming, hoping the wind with shift, hoping it will be okay but resigned to the fact it might very well happen no matter how many fire trucks are sitting in the town ready to defend.

 Everyone is very aware of dread and fear.  What it is like to know something is going to happen and we can not stop it.  It creates that pit in the middle of the abdomen and waits and grows and nags.  It does not hurt but it makes you aware of something you are ignoring and can not fix.

Tomorrow is one of those days for Mary-E.  She has to have various blood draws and some IVIG (Immune Globulin).  She is dreading the insertion of the IV and then the infusion.  IVIG can cause some serious allergic side affects.  I hate each time she has to give blood and get poked.  It is ugly.  Her body is so so tired of all the assaults and shows it's anger by creating really really big bruises and lumps.  I am grinding my teeth just thinking about it. 

I called Cousin Judd and he was driving a load of something to Montana.  He had been to Featherville and had taken out a few items and said good bye to his house.  He was keeping himself busy until he heard the news.

I think I will find a project, or maybe make a list of projects.  Something to keep my mind off of tomorrow and of course all the other things I know could come or not.

Freezer needs to be defrosted
Cupboard needs to emptied, sorted and cleaned out.

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