Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loving Gonzaga today.

She is sort of going back to school. 

Because her immune system is so compromised  and she had no immunizations because she can't have them because she is taking something to keep her immune system compromised.....  see what I have to live with everyday.

She can't go to school in a classroom.   So everyone says, "Can't she take on-line classes?

Oh yes she can but college is not on-line classes. It is planning dinners for the neighbors, watching Big Bang and eating pizza with the boys.  It is late night study sessions that turn into tired hysterical laughing sessions.  It is trying to wake up your roommate for a class or going to a movie or bra shopping.  It is so much more than going on-line.

The biggest obstacle has been her course of study.  She is in the Engineering Management program.  Classes have to be taken in a certain order. 

Yesterday she heard from her advisor. They are working on developing a way for her to take her circuits classes on-line.  She was hesitant but was so happy once those fears were overtaken by excitement.  She also found one of her really good camp friends is going to be attending SPU and won't be "leaving" for college.  Anne has a car, loves Mary-E and there will be a chance for some of the very necessary social pieces of college.  Sort of.

At this point we love Sort of..... We totally love Gonzaga.

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