Saturday, August 18, 2012

Defining where you are and where you come from...

Facebook wants to know where my home town.  I don't have a good answer for that question. 

I have lived or my parents have resided in the following places since my birth 12 years ago. ( I adhere to a different calendar than the rest of you.)

In Chronological Order:

Born in Council Idaho
Riggins Idaho
New Meadows Idaho
San Antonio Texas
Parma Idaho
Moscow Idaho
Alexandria Virgina
Washington DC
Ogden Utah
Spirit Lake Idaho
Dalton Garden Idaho
Hayden Lake Idaho
Caldwell Idaho
Oxford England
Midland Michigan
Mt Pleasant Michigan
Dietrich Idaho
Walnut Creek California #
Moscow Idaho
Ontario Canada#
Zurich Switzerland#
Boise Idaho
Seattle Washington
Eugene Oregon#
Cancer World

# Only visited Mom and Dad.

Now how do I pick a town.  My favorite, length of stay, best memories. 

It is so hard to tell.  Each place made an impression. Each place was important in shaping the person I am today.  It is all such a jumble. 

I realized on these last few years that while I have lived in Seattle for almost half my life this is not my home town.  I claim it, I love it, I have been as happy as anyone could be but I don't think it is the last stop on my journey.  I am always looking for the next place.  Some think that is weird but then look at all the places I have missed in my life journey.

and we are here on this strange place called Cancer World.
Until we are off of Cancer World we will stay put.  I will water my trees and grow Grampa's beans.  I will re-purpose my life and will continue to think about what it next.  I guess this picture says it the best.

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