Monday, August 27, 2012

Antys, Anxious, Jittery, did I mention Antsy

It might be the Death Wish Coffee. Or it is just starting to get to me. 

We, why do I say we?  Let's just say, the days are running through my head.  The first call, the flight over, the night in Sacred Heart Hospital. The first admission.

I realize we are 7 months into the post transplant period.  Two hospitalizations, one blood clot and some GVH and here we sit.  Our 9-11 appointment with the GVH doctor was changed.  I am sure we are going to have to have another discussion on how to taper  prednisone/hydrocortosone since the taper anticipated the now canceled appointment. 

Oh, dear.  I am watching the affects of the drugs on her body and her spirit and it is making me crazy.  Her skin has huge stretch marks in places no one ever thought they could be.  Her body is being marked forever with scars.  I am afraid to even think about what this is doing to endocrine system, her bones, her spine, her.......

Okay.  I will stop this now.  I will clean off the dinning room table because it is time to start entertaining again.  Time to pull out the good dishes and using them.

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