Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Jays come for breakfast.

Come Look!  Come See!  Look at what is out the window!

We are a family of observers.  In the days before IPhone, and IPads and Game boys and in car DVDs and DVRs the world was mean to be observed.  In our family it was a good thing to be able to point something for other’s to ooh and awe over.

A terminal  moraine, a small humming bird at a feeder, a flicker eating suet, a tree that has grown an odd branch.  A boulder out of place.

Such constant practice has made my life much more interesting if not more complicated.  If you notice things you begin to see smaller and smaller differences.  The way someone sits, the way a smile is not quiet right, the person sitting in the corner not talking with anyone.  The deep sadness on another person’s face.  It takes self control to not reveal all that I see.   I have found over the years many don’t want to know that someone has noticed their limp they are trying to conceal or  how moved they are by a movie or a song.  Most tend to keep their internal world to themselves.

We don’t start out so closed off.  Yesterday we went to water aerobics and Meb left the pool early.  She went to the shower and a little girl about 2 was watching her with great intentness.  Meb would wash her arm and the little girl would follow her every move.  She would rinse her back and the little girl would turn and do the same.  The mom asked Mary-E if she did babysitting.  Sadly my lovely, child loving daughter had to explain why she could not, at this time and why.  She did take great pleasure in her few moments of being the observed.

More Sun, more observation. More enjoying the day in Seattle.  As mom said yesterday.  If we lived in California, this would be just another day.  Here it is a day to enjoy and relish, as every day should be cherished.

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Maggie said...

Lots of smiles on today's post. And I have noticed: she is no longer "the child" - she is now MEB or Mary-Elizabeth.