Monday, July 23, 2012

My Escape.....Part One.....

Paul and Judy Somerfeld are here from Idaho.  Judy had offered to come help during my reunion time but it did not work out so she was sitting here and said:  Why don't you go somewhere?

Her husband was headed to the airport before the break of dawn to go to Alaska to fish.  I loaded the dogs, the car, grabbed a few things for Mom's birthday and headed out the door.  Way out the door.  Way out the door all the way to Eugene Oregon.  

I just drove.  Of course I stopped and had a waffle at the Country Cousin in Chehelis.
Lily was confused. Tucker was excited and I just drove. I was so ready to really leave town

It was a good time to escape.  Mary-E is apparently stable for now.  She is on a pretty high dose of prednisone, it is summer. She is in protective isolation. We had the appointments for the week taken care of so I was out the door. 

Mom's birthday is today. She has attained the age of 80 and has been making "I want a birthday party noise."  So everyone did what they could.  Amy took her out to the King Estates Winery.  I went to visit and took her to the ocean. 

I was tired. I slept.  I slept some more.  Mom fed me Breakfast Sandwiches.  She had thawed a giant lobster tail and was so relieved I refused to partake.  Mom loves lobster. 

While I was driving down to Eugene I had a thought about going with the dogs and mom to the ocean.  Mom and Dad went to the Adobe Inn at Yachatz Oregon. There is a separate building for the dogs, a good restaurant an interesting beach and great hiking trails into the mountains.  What could be better.  Oh, let me not forget the candy story with 30+ salt water taffy flavors.

She and Dad went several times a year. Most Thanksgivings, many other times.  It was one of Dad's favorite places. Mom had not been there since he died. She has talked about it but never done it. 

I told her I really wanted to go and it took only a little bit of a push.  We packed up and headed out on Wednesday. She knows everyone, head housekeeper, head of the hotel, the restaurant, the grounds keepers. 

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