Friday, July 13, 2012


 Roger Dunaway....

How far away is the thunder?

Will the GVH return?

When will I stop worrying about:

    Side Affects;

    New Cancers;

    Complications from Radiation;

    Complications from Prednisone;

Complications from eating a hamburger with lettuce and tomato;



Weight gain and Weight loss;

How many jays we have;

Whether or not we will have any ripe tomatoes this year;

Whether it is tomato or tomatoe;

What to fix for dinner;

Okay, maybe it is not too bad.  I am going to get ready to go swimming in the thunder.  I think that is okay, as long as we don’t see the lightening. 
Maybe when I don’t hear the thunder, I won’t worry about the lightening any more


Maggie said...

Cosmic thoughts - comment is sincere. Lightening here, right here so just listen to the thunder as it passes.

Roger and Candi Merrill said...

Things to worry about: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The important thing to focus on: sometimes you win!