Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At least I am not the only one with a weird end result

French Script is the font.  I chose it because I was using a French recipe for Arpicot Jam.  Mom told me I could reduce the liquid in the jam if I put it in the oven.  Now over the years I have made apple butter and plum butter and tried apricot.

I was feeling overwhelmed by the mass of apricots or I should say, amazed at how few it took to make a batch of jam.  So I wanted to speed up the process.  Three batches in a pot big enough to pickle a small goat, a hot oven and a nap.  Seemed to be the best plan.

O0ps……  Oh, well, it is a bit dark, a bit sour because I added too much lemon and the color.  I was going to dump the entire pot and decided to see if I was the only one with the issue.  Oh, I love the internet.  This lady was tied up and her jam “Caramelized”.  It has great and various undertones and depth of flavor.  Finding this picture gave me enough courage to bottle the jam, caramelized, darkened, over-cooked, under cooked.  I will test it on my neighbors and see what they say.

Friday I will try again.  Traditional way this time.  I am planning to make some plum jam this summer so I had better label this batch lest I am confused come Jam Give Away time.

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