Thursday, July 05, 2012

5th of July.... 2012

I think I hate parties.  Or at least parties that I host.  I want to sit down and talk with every single person that walks down the driveway.  I want to sit and chat and connect and let everyone know how much I appreciate their support and encouragement.  I love that they take time out of their day to help celebrate with us the many things we have to be happy about.  It simply warms the cockles of my heart when Mary-E comes up to me with tears in her tears in her eyes and says:  Did you see what ___________ gave me?

Each and every person, each and every phone call, each and every e-mail, each and every text message, each and every meal, each and every Starbucks card, each and every invitation to an event, each and every check or gift card, each and every trip to Costco, each and every load of laundry, each and every weed pulled, each and every prayer, each and every offer of help.  Are all such indescribable gifts.  Gifts that have been like manna from heaven and have come at just the right time. Many have come when I was not even aware of a need.

It is so special to be reminded of the gifts from God, universe, the great pumpkin, or whatever you believe to be the reason we travel through life on this planet, come ultimately from the people we love. 

To all  that joined us yesterday, to all I did not have a chance to spend time with and really connect, Thank-You.  Know you are loved and appreciated and every effort is going to be made to spend some time with you over the next year.

We made it to her 20th birthday party.  That is  the best gift of all.

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Anonymous said...

The party was great! I hope Mary Elizabeth really, really enjoyed it!