Friday, July 27, 2012

Trips and Family

Haven't been on many for along time.  When your tether is 30 minutes from an institution it shuts down your brain as you focus on the here and now.

A couple of months ago my sister of the "of course I have developed Epilepsy at age 50" told me she was going to have to be in LA for conference.  She was worried about being in a room at night alone and her wife could not travel with her.  She suggested I might come and share the room with her.  I found some reward points I had not known about and looked at our medical schedule and took a leap of faith.

I tried to be un-attached to the trip because as we all know, things can happen. 

I made it.  Belle made it after a delay because someone spilled water and they had to find a less damp cushion.  Alex and Austin made it after sitting on the tarmac in San Francisco. David will fly in tomorrow for a visit and there will be a full dose of sibling rivalry and the like.

Everyone was worried we would be fighting. Mary-Elizabeth suggested separate rooms and floors.  Mom was sure Belle and I could not be in the same room.  And Karianna was sure we would fight.  So Belle did decide we should go to the Tar pits instead of the Getty today but Alex and I are just going to do what we want.  She is not even going!!!!! 

Good to be here.  Good to be with my siblings.  This the first time we have been together without our parental units or a crisis.  Sort of a good thing.

I love Family but then we have only been here for less than 24 hours.  I will check in again at 72.

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