Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I am feeling like the local Beaver

I try to take the dogs somewhere everyday.  I figure it is the best thing I can do for both of us as I look for a job that will take me away from them.  So during my recent ventures I went to a place in Seattle called Golden Gardens.  It is about two miles from here, a park along the sound.  I am sure if we could review history tapes we would see this bit of land was created as a result of a big landslide when the hill gave way.  

They did  some work a few years ago and created some wetland ponds.  The water from the park is full of fresh water.  There are ducks, and other water fowl.  Pretty interesting group. 

Well the other day I was going down to the beach with the dogs and a tree was down over the path.
I was pretty impressed and thought someone had done this. Then I looked and realized it was a beavery. I looked around and saw the beaver has been very busy.
I did some reading and they will take down any size tree.  No matter the size. I looked and found this 
Proof of great industry.  This animal takes dirt, leaves and sticks and builds a home.  A home that is cozy, perfect for his family. 
When Meb was in the Hospital we did the same thing.  Took bits and pieces and tried to make a home away from home.  We had endless uses for BioHazard Bags.  They hold a whole piece of cheese cake with room to spare. 
Gathering familiar things around you during times of stress is a necessary survival skill.  We always had things we kept in the car for the very purpose when we were close to the hospital. Many of those items are in the bags we are putting together for the new families with Cancer Kids.  
Spent some time with Nicole and her dad yesterday.  Love them.  Nicole with hair, they wonder the hallways looking for those of their kind.  They are like we are, they can spot a kid with cancer and a suffering parent a mile away.  We will enjoy having them part of the efforts to help everyone in cancer world have a bit of home and comfort with them. 

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