Monday, February 24, 2014

Some don't get it.... Tales from the Tri-Cities. Reallly School, you cann't help this child.

This was posted today by a mom.  Nicole has been mentioned here before. She had OsteoSarcoma and has had to have a bunch of surgeries and chemo and more chemo. She had to have a huge rod and a few screws taken out and an new one put in. There was bone grafting and lots and lots of painful stuff.  See, Cancer and Surgery and Chemo can kill a bone plate and then there is odd growing and can you imagine the sort of stuff a 11 now 13 year old has had to go through.  One of the bright parts to her day is school.  Just ask my daughter.

Nicole's mom posted this today:

It's Monday and I'm venting...along with everyone else! Nicole wanted to go to school today, so I sent her (she hasn't taken a "narcotic" since yesterday morning). They called and "wanted to make sure she's not on narcotics" (she's on a 504 plan for one and do they ask what "drugs" other kids are on?) This girls knows how to handle her pain meds and they don't make her "loopy" and no she only to...ok tylenol this morning! Then they said they didn't know she was coming and they didn't have a para educator on hand to help her in the wheel chair from classes...this girl is tough and can manage on her own but just might need some time! Should they question her wanting to go back to school after all she's been through! I have a few choice words for cancer and all that comes with it this morning.

Karen is much nicer than I am.  Here is a current picture of Nicole and some of the stuff that is going on in her leg. 

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