Thursday, February 05, 2015

Different Point of View

Sometimes a bit of change is a good thing. Just a shift in focus.  Drove to Eugene, picked up Mom and headed south.  South through the southern mountains of Oregon and then into the Valley... The Valley where thousands of years ago water filled from one mountain range to the next rich soil was created.  

Sandy, loamy, black, fertile.  Almost every inch is in cultivation.  My favorite was the full grown vineyard in the median.  I am guessing the road grew around it but there it is. 

This is a very special place.  We drove past acres and acres of trees.  All planted by those with OCD.  Perfect rows, all ways. Some have grass in the rows, other's have grass and other vegetation around the base of the trees.  I think it depends.  We had to guess because there was not way to really know.  I am all for signs on the fences so I might be able to understand which is which.  Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts? Fruit trees?  What could it be?  All a mystery to me. But then much of life is such a mystery. 

I drove and realized how much I take for granted about what shows up in the grocery store.  It is just there.  No thought given to the way and the how things are grown and what happens to get them to the store.  I do know that the feed lots and trucks of live chickens are disturbing. Crop dusters and people working in the fields.  I am also sort of horrified at the human cost required to have veggies on our tables.  Everything comes at a cost and a sacrifice for someone. 

Oh well, I picked an orange off the tree and complained of the 81 degree weather. I have helped a bit with the house.  I have sold a couch on Craigslist.  I have opened the windows of the house and listened to birds I can not identify.  I have watched the dogs all run themselves to death.  David and Mom are having a great time.  My big goal for this evening is to convince someone tall they should help me hang the Night Watch.  

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