Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Sent MEB to California for a Couple of Weeks ...... I am So So Lucky

As usual, this summer is not working out as I had anticipated.  Thought the child would be working in Spokane but as it happens, she is on a different kind of adventure.  Her summer is falling together with bits and pieces of this and that. 

Camp Sparkle for Gilda's Club will take two weeks.  It is a camp for kids that have had cancer somewhere in their lives.  Moms, Dads, Sibs... They spend a week doing healing things.  Fun things.  They all love Meb because she knows, she knows what it is to have cancer and to have lost friends to cancer. 

She is spending two weeks with her Uncle David, maybe more depending on how his summer goes.  She is going to get to work in the office with his great assistant Donna and learn the business side of things.  She is great at doing those sort of things and had lots of organizational skills. 

She wants to spend some time with her Grandma in Eugene.  Maybe for the Country Fair.... Maybe some time on the water somewhere in the Puget Sound,  Maybe some time in Central Washington with a metal lathe and some cutting torches,  Maybe.... The Summer is full of maybes... and Maybe that is okay. 

I decided yesterday that Maybe this is just a great gift from the Gods.  Maybe I we just need to settle an unusual summer,  one not dominated by BMT fears.  Maybe this is what it is supposed to be.  I just keep receiving notices and reading posts about kids that will not be spending the Summer with their Mom's.  

Our little world of Childhood Cancer is losing some bright futures right now. Young lives are winding down and people are just down right sad.  No other word for it.  Sad.  Emily seems to be done after cramming so much into her "life list".  This was the post this morning from her family.
We are losing our Emily. She is still paralyzed. I thought today would be the day, but this little girl is a fighter and came back to tell me how much she loved me, that I am the best mom that she could have asked for, and that she is so happy that she chose me to be her mom. She is not in pain anymore, but is struggling to breathe. Please pray that God brings her home to him, so she can dance in fields of flowers. And run and play with her friends Becca, Albert, and Sarah. And be greeted by my dad and her Nonna. This is heart wrenching to watch. As selfish as I want to be, I won't. I need God to answer my prayers!
This is a very personal time for us, I ask you please to respect our privacy. I have shared her for four years, i need this time for me. I am spending every second with my baby. It hurts so much to imagine that I will never have another hug or kiss from my girl. Or hear her say "mommy" the special way that she does. This hurts so damn bad. 

Enjoy every breath your child can take with ease.  

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