Thursday, July 09, 2015

Back and Forth

In and Out
Over and Under
Up and Down
Happy and Sad
Joy and Sadness
Fear and Bravery
Determination and Capitulation
Despair and Faith
Agreeable and Recalcitrant
Healthy and Sick
Life and Dead
Obstreperous and Tractable

This list is much much longer.  The one that we focus on is

Remission and Recurrence or NED and Recurrence.
I thought it was bad that we don't ever get to know if "Recurrence is going to happen or Remission Sticks.  It is such a roller coaster and so much happens in between.   We are close to the four-year Relapse mark.  We have passed the 11th Anniversary of being in Cancer World.  I am finally starting to breath again.  AND THEN.

She gets a stomachache, or she is really tried or her back hurts or there is a small weird bump or her eyes keep getting conjunctivitis or ____________ fill in the blank. I don't like to be a constant complainer or worrier but I at my core I am worried.  I am worried.  That little voice sits on my shoulder and keeps telling me to not let my guard down.  I am not out of the woods.  There is no exit to this genuinely secret glen.

I visit with families that have just entered Cancer World.  I spend time with them imparting secrets about hospital living and Cancer World survival.  I go to kid's funerals.  Those that Cancer destroyed.
On one day, I visited with a mom who's 4-month little girl was born with a tumor the size of an orange and the funeral of a fourteen-year-old.  Needless to say, I had ice cream for dinner.  It was all too much.

Many think I am just crazy to keep visiting and going.  I don't want to be one of those people that walk away from family and friends when it is tough.  I have seen that happen with many.  It is too much most of the time but in reality it is impossible to do it alone.  I could never have done it without those that stepped up and lent a hand and gave at the perfect moment.

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