Friday, November 06, 2015

The "Giving Back" piece of Cancer World

If I had a super computer or a friend at the IRS, I would ask someone to figure out how many Foundations and other Non-Profit organizations are working to help those in Cancer World. My sense is that there are 1000's.  It makes sense because so many have been affected by this disease.  

After being in Cancer World, people either flee or feeI a need to give back.  One is compelled to try and return in some way the flood of what you have received.  It is important to shine a light on the path for those still in the dark place. Send something back to help those who are still climbing out of the despair which is Childhood Cancer.  

During the darkest times of our lives, we are given so much. It is impossible to meaningfully repay those that stepped in and lifted a burden from our shoulders.   The people that did our laundry took our dog, helped with trash, fed us, brought us groceries, prayed for us endlessly, and kept us in their hearts, never expected to receive something in return.  They were gifts.  Pure grace flowing from one heart to another. 

I have come to realize a small act. A small gesture. An instant of connection can make all the difference.  While I have a bit of frustration from not being able to organize folks and make things efficient, I know lots of people are making a little bit of difference, and a little bit is more than enough. 

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