Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Some are dark and gloomy. Some are sudden. Some are full of light and wonder. Some are just so scary we cannot even begin to comprehend the importance of the event. 
Sometimes they slip by and we don't know they happened. 

I hate to plow through life and not notice.  Not pay attention to the important moments.  The person that needs a moment of your time to re-establish their grasp on their life.  The moment to listen and try and help.  We need this going both ways.

We lost such an important person today. Anne Lunceford, age 93.  She had been slowly winding down for awhile.  A long while.  She knew people and still was able to express herself but the spring was pretty weak for a long time.  She had been a part of my life since I was 13 years old.  Always a smile, always a willing moment. Always reading her bible quietly. Hair always the same.  
She is going to be so surprised when she is greeted by her last dog, Min Min.  No one had the heart to tell her Minnie had died.
She made a million cookies, said a million prayers, took in a million dogs and cats that were not her own.  There was always a calf in the corner of the kitchen that was wanting a special bit of extra care. She would never turn you away hungry. She would always take your forgotten paper to school. She would never be upset when Kelsie the Westie locked her out of the car. She would never not pick you up at 2:00 am at the train station.  She always gave you the best of everything. She gave the best she had to those she loved and she loved everyone.
The world is a smaller sadder place today than yesterday or even this morning.  If everyone did just one Grammy like thing.  It will end up being a grander place.

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