Sunday, July 13, 2014

She is down to One Last Sirulimus

Next week at this time the "Girls" or more specifically, Pearl Anne will be flying solo. She will be in charge of keeping all that invades from MEB's body. 

Protocol:  Immunosupressants - 180 days post transplant.

Mary-Elizabeth 31 months or about 900 days. 

She is almost done with this step, 24 months, three different kinds of suppressants  she is almost done with them.  I am currently not totally freaked out about it.  

I think we are all so tried of this it is hard not to just be ready to be DONE

I am feeling like the time as come to end this blog after 10 years.   Maybe I am done and leaving this writing forum will help me be DONE.  I won't quit writing, I will just do so in another place, another title, another forum.  

Maybe it is time to move on in the way one can  It is a tentative moving on, not really but sort of.  Hanging out in a different place in Cancer World.   As we all know, we don't ever get to really leave.  Now it is about managing the long term side effects. Kidneys, lungs, brain, menopause, thyroid, cataracts.  (These are not just stuff that might show up, these are guaranteed to be a concern. )  

So this morning, I will just drink my coffee.  Water a bit. Watch some plants grow.  Read my book a bit.  I will enjoy this moment, this instant. This bit of Seattle Sunshine.


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