Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Currant Lessons....

5 or 6 pound of these:

juiced makes about 5 cups liquid.

Then you add equal part of sugar.  

Boil for about 20 minutes and you get 

Each of these jars hold about a cup. 

So the process produced about 6 cups of jelly.  

The French are very into Currant Jelly and have a special preserve.  

As of 2012 the House of Dutriez in the town of Bar-le-Duc provides one of the very few hand-made preparations still on the market, la confiture de Groseilles de Bar le Duc (Currant Preserve). The traditionally hand-made product involves épépineurs or épépineuses (seed extractors) de-seeding the currants with goose quills to flick out the tiny seeds without disturbing the flesh of the small fruit. Sometimes sweetened jellies, consisting of mashed and sieved currants of a significantly lower cost and quality, appear on the market under the same name.

Mine was made by steaming the currants, letting the juice gather in the reservoir.  Sugar added and boiling in a French Jelly Pan stirred with Ms. Ferguson's Mother's Jam spoon. 
 Not a single goose quill was used to de-seed the berries.  I clearly disturbed the skins.  My berries were mashed and abused and oh my. 

Life is all about compromise. Nothing is perfect. Sometimes it has to be okay to have  a mashed and sieved life.

So Currently I am trying to learn from my Currants and simply carry on. 

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