Wednesday, July 02, 2014

So how do we define it....

Prayer, chanting,  putting good energy into the universe, wishing, meditation, it is all the same. It might have a different name or method but it in the end it is the same thing. It is those moments when we speak to the otherness surrounding us.  Lots of people say they are non-believers but I have heard them curse and God is usually in the mix. 

I think it is just our nature to want to make sense of the world.  At some point I know I thought I had some control over how the world would turn, or at least the little bit I inhabit.  I can plant the right flowers, cook the right food or go to the right restaurant. I can save for college for my child and for retirement.  I can work hard and help people while making money.  I can take a few pictures and capture a few memories. I can plan for fun events and try to be strong when unfun things happen.  I can grasp things within my reach and keep the world calm and productive.

Ha.... Oh boy... was I so so wrong. Evidently the first time my child suffered with cancer was not enough.  I had to be taught that lesson again.  Nothing. Absolutely Nothing is in my control.  Well... the way I react and respond is in my control but other than that it is a free-for-all.  

Plan and execute the glorious front flower pot.  Watch it struggle and sag and fail. Reasons, many.  Should I have known that slugs and snails love, I mean, love the little petunias... Nothing eats Petunias.  Wrong, those are just sort of petunias.  They have been genetically modified into slug food.  In stead of glorious massive beautifulness. I have this is it. So.... what to do now. 

This is something simple. Something I know how to do.  I have a green thumb.  Hey look at this basket..

So, do I swear at the universe, mope because I have lost my green thumb or go try something really different...

We shall see, because in the end it is not up to us.  We have no control. 

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