Friday, July 25, 2014

The cure is such a problem...

She is baking cookies for Camp Sparkle. A summer camp for kids whose families have been effected by cancer.  The kids are going to the zoo today and it is the last day of camp for them.  It has been a quiet week at the Y in the central district, swimming every day, lots of art, lots of time in a gym.  It has been good. 

Today MEB is taking her last dose of Prenisone. Collective breath holding is happening.  She is for all intents and purposes done.  She is finished with this cancer stuff. She is "cured".  

Cured... a weird word. OED explination.

Middle English (as a noun): from Old French curer (verb), cure (noun), both from Latin curare 'take care of', from cura 'care'. The original noun senses were 'care, concern, responsibility', in particular spiritual care (hence sense 3 of the noun). In late Middle English the senses 'medical care' and 'successful medical treatment' arose, and hence 'remedy'.

So, she is cured.  She is doing so so well.  I cann't sing the praises of health enough.  Not everyone has such success.  So many have had little or no luck in the process. So many deaths, so many disappointments.  

Remember our friend Lulu? She fought to get out of the ICU.  That "cure" left her unable to walk or even have full use of her arems.  She was so weak after so much time in bed.  So she is back on her protocol.  First big round of chemo and things are just terrible for her. 

Here is the note her mom posted.

So Lulu Ysarua Martinez will not being going home today...she has not cleared enough chemo out of her so another night at the hospital....the pain is being managed so is the nausea....ortho came up and casted her legs for new braces to wear to walk....they will not be administering vincristeen chemo anymore and will be bringing a new chemo drug on board that is just as effective but it keeps your counts down longer ....has been complaining about side ache and trouble breathing her blood count also dropped so they will be giving her a blood transfusion shortly as well.....will due chest xray to make sure lungs are good.....will update later when I know more.....

She has a fever this morning. I can sense her mom's fear and terror.  Here she goes again.  This is such a hard battle. At some point you just wish there was a way to catch a break!!!!!

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