Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I think we see the end of the Tunnel

I can see. 
I can hear it,
 I can taste it, 
I can feel it. 
The end is near. 

I am ready but I am not holding my breath.

When I was a law student, My parents lived in exotic locations… like Canada and Switzerland.  One of Dad’s benefits was that we could fly three times a year to visit our parents.  It was a pretty wonderful perk.  We would hop on planes and head out to great vacations. 
The thought of those times was pretty exciting and if I thought about what happened after the last final, I would lose focus.  So I learned to slam a door tight until I was done.   I knew what was behind the door but I did not receive the key until everything was wrapped up.

So…. The door is slammed shut…

So here we are the remaining tasks before we are given the key.

1.     Endocrinology
2.    Big appointments with SCCA
3.    Port Removal

Three things. Three tasks, Then we can look through the door.  Look at the other side. Look at the  world again.  Not confined by all the Bone Marrow Transplant rules.

She is already stepping out.  She has broken rules hard and fast rules……. She had sprouts on her sandwich and
Raw cookie dough….

More shocking and normal things live beyond the end of the Tunnel and we are ready


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