Thursday, August 07, 2014

They Never Ever Tell You Everything.....

You just get used to bad news. 
You are ready for bad news, you have endlessly received bad news, you make lemonade and mustard gas out of the bad news but it is always, always bad. 

It is just bad.  No other way to put it. 

Counts up- Bad.
Counts down-bad
No counts- bad
Liver function up- bad
Liver function down—could be bad
Kidney numbers up  sometimes bad
Radiation = cataracts
Radiation = infertility
Radiation = dead thyroid
Radiation= brain process slow down
Radiation = dead bone marrow- Good.
It just goes on and on,

So imagine how it felt when our new very active, very hyper, very loud endocrinologist bounced up and down when she saw the
Stim test results.

Had she failed….. Life time of prednisone…… life time.

Happy happy happy day.

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