Tuesday, August 12, 2014

She is on the Train back home

so she has had some Grandma Mary time.  Always good. She loves the little old ladies. She loves to listen and comment and just fit in.  It does not take very long for them to realize she is one of them. She has packed 80 plus  years into her short 22.  

We have some very important days ahead of us.  Serious and important.  On Thursday we have the last appointment with the SCCA until January's big annual appointment.  I have lots of hopes that lots of meds are going away.  She has successfully tapered off the side-effect causing drugs and it should make the rest go away.... she could be down to some vitamins a bit of thyroid medicine and over the counter allergy stuff.  Oh, to hope for such a list of meds.

It is hard to hope or trust.  Tomorrow marks our 10 year anniversary.  10 years ago tomorrow this ceaseless, never ending journey began.  But we are only marking the beginning.... we begin on the 14th of August 2014 to mark a new beginning. The end of Double Cord Blood Transplant complications.  2.6 years of constant diligence, concern, anxiety.

It is replaced with new worries but new is always a way to start a school year.  New binders, new roommates, new classes, new teachers.  New. 

We are all about New Starts, New Hope and New Adventures.

She gets off the train at 12:30...... Here we go. 

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