Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making Memories after Diagnosis

 There is a certain urgency when a child has been diagnosed.  We rush to do so many things. Memories have to be made and made NOW. 

What if these are the last of the memories? What if we don't survive long enough to go on our Make-A-Wish?  What if there is no time for  high school and college and marriage and the first job and the first car and the first broken heart?  What if? It is a panic that strikes the heart of each and every parent, grandparent, relatives and friends.  We have to make memories NOW.  We have to take advantage of this time, this moment, this......

Well, take it from an expert, there are plenty of memories being made each and every moment.  Each day, each blood draw, each visit from the Child Life, Social Worker, Ukulele Guy.  Now granted not all the memories are good.  Treatment will erase many memories, but there will be memories. They will be a different kind and those that share them will be altered by the events. But  often there are bits and pieces of good memories.   

We are altered to our very core.  On a cellular level.  When your child faces amputation, total body radiation, red, blue, yellow chemo, and endless invasive procedures, bone marrow transplants,  it has to change you.  As you watch people you love perish and their loved ones writhe in  pain for moments, and hours and months and years, it is hard not to be transformed. 

Human beings are made up by the bits and pieces of who we are and what we learn and experience in life. We absorb things every day. We also are a product of what we remember.  Often we are a bit like Kimchi and need to sit about and wait until we are done.  But eventually there is a good end product.

The moment we hear the words "Your Child Has ____________________ we begin to incorporate the new "Memories" into who we are and will become.  

 It is a good reminder that we should value, treasure and work on this every single day....  

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