Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Meaning of Everything.

Lent is starting.

Yesterday was my Father's Birthday.

The Rain is coming down.  

The planets are appearing to be very close to each other in the Morning Sky.

Trump is winning.

Hillary is not.

Plants are up too soon.

I don't know, I feel like I am on the verge.

Verge of Change.

Verge of Adventure.

Not sure what it really is but it is.  

Things have been over the horizon for so long. Hanging out there waiting to happen.  No real ability to grab on to something or to create any tractions to move one way or another.  There are moments of clarity and then they slip over the side of the mountain and disappear.  No matter what direction I head, the maze does not seem to open up in a meaningful way.  

My dear friend Alison told me once to "trust the motion".  One step, one rock, one inch.  Head in a direction and see where it takes you.  Trust in the motion.  Keep inching forward.  Know it is possible to plunge into a deep crevasse but sometimes there is something magical at the bottom.  

Cancer World put a stop to life as I knew it.  It kept me in suspended animation for an inordinate period.  In order to bring any sort of sense to live you have to step off the moving walkway.  Step away from what had been your trajectory.   

I have to keep moving forward and trust in the motion....