Thursday, January 16, 2014

Full Moons and Wierdness

Full moons.  Often people scoff at the idea things are weird around that time.  I was a scoffer until I began to have extremely weird calls.  The one that convinced me was the guy who had signed a pre-nuptial. He had agreed to be castrated (too harsh for this early? if he cheated.  He evidently had cheated, had been caught and was worried about the consequences.  I assured him this wag completely absolutely against public policy and he would not be loosing any body parts at least voluntarily.

I often wondered who would have drafted such a document and then who would sign it.  I concluded it was self-drafted.  Signed after way too much mind altering drugs and alcohol and would have to be self-enforcing. 

Since that call some 20 years ago, I keep a wary eye on the moon.  I figure if the moon can move oceans it can have affects on smaller bodies and brains.  I never sleep during this particular full moon cycle.  Maybe it is the awaking from the food coma that is Christmas.  maybe my body is realizing with the 12 extra minutes of sunlight we are headed back to the time of great light.  Maybe I just worry now about things other than the end of the year.   I thought this particular time might be different because I am not worried about a trial or a deposition or weird clients getting weirder.

Worry is different now.  It is more focused on small children fighting cancer. The craziness that is their parent's lives.  I can't seem to get away from it.  I try not to focus on the horrible and the deaths, I try to think about the positive and the progress. 

Sometimes I just realize I am a bit like Big Bertha... Stuck.  Not able to break through the little 8 in steel pipe someone put in her path and forgot about.  I guess the lesson is their are small weird objects in our path that keep us from moving forward.... No matter what we have done to prepare or keep it from happening.  So in my case I will work on working the problem another way.  Call in the Engineers.

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