Friday, January 17, 2014

Behind the Scenes and between the lines

So it is housekeeper Friday.  I love the results of what happens today but it is hard to get excited about the prep.  I know the house is less cluttered and Christmas is exiting but it just looks like a mess.  No one is going to be amazed at the clean hall way or the fact there are fewer dishes on the buffet.  No one can see that all the napkins in the drawers are ironed and folded for next time. No one knows the shoes are in a pile on my floor so I can sort them and get rid of the ones too tired to continue the journey with me to my new someday job.

I am not complaining.  Yes I am lucky I have someone that comes and makes the whole house clean on one day.  I could do without but it is one of the things I cling to for sanity and for the ability to do other stuff.  Something about the clear spaces the fluffed pillows, the newly made bed makes it possible for me to do things I value that feed my soul.

It allows me to see deeper into a situation and to read between the lines.  Right now Katie Elliot is at Seattle Children's.  She is our friend with Relapsed Osteo sarcoma.  She had to have some lung tumors at the beginning of this week and she is not doing well.  Fluid in the lungs, vomiting, pain, needing more meds, more vomiting.  It is ugly.  Her story is contained here...

Now when I read today's entry, it screamed at me.  Fear, sadness, frustration, worry and more fear.  Darlis the mom, has been working so hard to not let much of that show.  She soldiers on like the best of us.  Her short, succinct message is a call for all of us to rally the Universe to do something good for Katie. 

Behind the scenes we need to put extra good energy (prayer) extra good deed for other's and extra positive thoughts. 

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