Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Losing Things.... and other thoughts.

My book:  Sacre Blue by Christopher Moore.  I was reading, it was by my chair and it has relocated itself.  It might be buried in my bed but then if it is I won't find it until the next housekeeper Friday. On my last visit to the psychic she told me to quit reading multiple books at a time.  If I can't find my current book am I breaking the rule?

My favorite Fountain Pen:  I think it sought asylum in Canada.  I am calling the Hotel Sylvia to see if they found it. I have others but this one has such a nice nib.

My house:  It is still buried under Christmas.  I am making a good effort to dig it out tomorrow.  I have a hard time letting go of Christmas but I have to put it away.   I have waited for Take down Christmas Fairies and they are not cooperating this year.  When I think about it, they did not do it the last few decades either.  (Explore new business opportunity.) 

A memory:  one of my students asked me if I remembered putting one of my brother's jockstraps up a flag pole because he thought it was funny one of my bras was up the same pole.  I have been searching my memory banks and have no idea what she is talking about.  I am afraid I believe it is a true story.  Oh dear....

Goal for today:  Take the gunk out of the pan someone put in the BBQ at Thanksgiving.  I found that today.....

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