Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Things take time...

I should know that by now.  Time has been good and bad to us. We all know it keeps ticking and ticking.  We have zoomed through 2013.  I am so glad.  13 is not my favorite number.  But we have made it to 2014.  It should be a much better year.

We are so lucky to be here.  Give back time has arrived for me.  I have items for the survival kits.  Trader Joes bag for laundry, going for showers, a million uses.  A good mug for tea or coffee. Tea and coffee.   A Starbucks gift card for coffee and food that is necessary to survive the bad bad food at the hospital.  A chakra wind chime to calm the pumps on the pole.   A shaker full of Cinnamon Sugar.  A letter with some secret information.

Tomorrow we will give them to someone that knows who needs them. 

This is a start.  A small but I think good start.  We shall see if the reception is what I hope it to be. 

A start.  It might take some time.  But then all things take time.

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