Saturday, December 28, 2013

So Time to Do Something

So as I sit here, three new families are waking up, the kids are sleeping and the parents are waiting for the blood draw results.  They are drawn ever day 4 times a day and it becomes an obsession.  How much have they fallen?What next?  What problems do the rest of the numbers show?  How long will this takes?What are the next steps? How do we survive the week-end? How is it different?  A million questions, they feel like they are in a tornado and there is not end in sight of a landing zone.

Okay so what can I do.  I am looking for one more item for the "bag".  It can be used to take stuff to the parent shower room, or for transporting stuff to and from the car.  It can be used at the grocery store because there will be lots of trips to make there.  Then there is a china cup for tea, some cinnamon sugar for the all important toast, a Starbucks Card to start racking up the free rewards and some other little things.  A note, a list to put on what ever website they are using about what they need to have other's do.

I needed the list more than anything, and the china cup.  So many want to do something and when this happens you are in such a state it is not possible to say what you need of people. 

I will drop it all off after church tomorrow. 

Meb is with her Sierra Family.  All is good. 

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