Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Backing away from the hard subjects....

I am such a domesticated fowl that lays eggs for its people.

Oh well, I too have limits to what I can stand.  So Christmas Update.   House is trashed, but Christmas is mostly here.  I have not put up the Georg Jensen yet.  I will probably do so tomorrow.  It is sort of Mary-E's job because her OCD requires they be hung perfectly.  I am sort of a "get them up' kind of person.

Christmas cards are in the mail, to me.  I will get them in the mail to everyone as soon as I can. Addresses mostly done. Stamps purchased and in hand.  Dinner planned.  Presents procured, such as they are.  Tacky Christmas candles line the mantle.  We are going to have a very pyromaniac Christmas Eve.

It is all good.  Actually it is all great. For Us anyway.  Good counts.  Good grades. Job hunt is progressing. Interesting opportunities are being revealed.  Stuff I never thought about doing.  Mom is great in so many ways.  She is too busy to talk to anyone.  David is flying lots, Belle is doing what ever Belle does.  Alex, from what I hear he is doing okay.   Not many complaints. 

Well the sky is lighter but the Christmas timer does not think it is dawn yet (7:44 am). 

One thing I have learned, it will all reveal itself in time.  When that time will be is always the question.

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