Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I spent yesterday at a job interview

A marathon therapy session.  I spoke with 7 or 8 attorneys that all asked me same questions in different ways.  It was sort of cathartic and interesting at the same time. 

I told one of them that work was not my main source of "fulfillment".  I think that was a fair statement.  I told him it could be a part of it but I was a very busy person outside of work. 

I was never a lawyer, just like Dad was never a doctor. I have put together a life that is fulfilling in other ways.  Family, friends, fellow Cancer World peeps, my exchange students, my neighbors..  You get the picture. 

I will find a job, the right job.  I will do great and memorable things at the job.  I will add value to the organization that takes a chance on hiring me with my certain weird bucket of skills. 

Life is an adventure and each time a new door opens I thank my parents for giving me the sense of adventure and courage to walk through the door.

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