Thursday, December 26, 2013

Three New Diagnosis

We had a great time at Christmas Eve Dinner.  Good Friends, great food.  Fun candles to burn.  Great Evening.

Three families at Seattle Children's did not.  Two new ALL, one relapse.  Damn it.  Cancer comes flying out of the sky and lands in people's lives.  You would think Cancer could wait until after Christmas.

The most frustrating thing is I don't know what to do for them.  Then I think about what would have helped me.  Would one more person telling me things help me in any real way.  Would have helped to meet a person like me right out of the gate?  Am a bad person for a new diagnosis to know given ME traveled so far from Leukemia and then had a hard re-entry?  I am so so confused. 

So I think I will do this.  When I am over at the hospital I will put together some essentials. Cinnamon sugar, Cheerios, and a wind chime for the pole. A list of things people need to ask for when all the people in their lives ask the what they can do... The essentials.  I will drop them off and leave a note. 

I never really understood who Rick Boyle could become our fairy the first time.  He had lost a child and was there for us. He was the cheer leader and gathered the troops. I now understand what it is like to want to give back in a way that will help someone after so so many helped us. 

We can never ever repay those that helped us but we can pass it on....

Here is to passing it on.

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