Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas seems to be broken this year and stuck like Big Bertha

I can see it all around me.  Shopping, trees going up, great candles, special winter food, lights stockings, kids getting excited.  I can see it.  I just don't seem to be able to step on the same path.

When you are not part of the economic system in a productive way, then your shopping is curtailed.  When your child has had a bone marrow transplant and is still on immunosuppressant's and you can't have a Christmas tree, decorating is  curtailed.  ( yes I am going to look for a fake tree to day but with almost no enthusiasm.) 

Ummm, seems I am whining.  I have put us some things and have started but can't seem to get into gear.  I have been trying to figure out why the tree is so important and I think I figured it out this morning.  Lights.  What I really really like is when it is dark in the morning and when the coffee is hot and the house is quiet I love the Christmas lights.  Maybe the lights on the tree are the key.  Maybe the little bit of brightness they bring is the answer. 

Okay, I will try again today.  Just like they will try with Big Bertha.  She is the tunneling machine under Seattle that has hit something.  One of the theory's is she hit an old locomotive.  The part of town she is going through was where they dumped the dirt and junk from the hills they took down known as the Denny Regrade. See in Seattle, they took down several hills that offended people.(No idea why.)
So they had to put the dirt and stuff somewhere and evidently some of it ended up in a hole in front of Big Bertha.  Now she can go through natural material but someone might have left a stray train engine.  Whoops. 
She will try after they figure it out.  I will try after I figure it out.  Try is all we can do. Every day. 

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