Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowy Morning...

My neighbors are all sleeping.  Quiet. No movement, one car has destroyed the view out my window.  One dog has walked by as reported by my dogs.  Sort of nice.  Snowy morning will soon give way to crazy day but for a few minutes, we can sit here with our snowy morning.

It is slowing me down today.  For an hour or so.  I needed that to happen for a few minutes. Even as I sit here the list in my head begins to form. But for a moment it is only about the pretty lights, the quiet street and the moment of focus on silence. 

Now I have to clean off the hummingbird feeder for they will shake themselves out of their semi dormant state and need some sugar water to make it through the day.

Meb comes home this afternoon. 

Do you think it is rude if you are clearing the snow off the hummingbird feeder and get buzzed!!!!! 

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