Friday, December 06, 2013

Mary-Elizabeth won't let me have chickens or an African Grey Parrot.

I think it is just wrong.  I think both would add years to my life and make my declining years more interesting.

She keeps mentioning her dog would eat my bird.  I think it is wrong since it is her dog that would each the chickens.  I figured the child would not be the adult for a few years.  She was born 40 years old.  It is how she has made it through the second half of her life.  Mary-Elizabeth will have one heck of a second go at being a teenager since she sort missed out on the first.  It really makes me sad sometimes but then I just can't dwell on it. I need to worry instead about how bossy and opinionated cancer has made her...  She thinks she is the boss of me!!

It is what it is and for now everything is okay.

Can't get much better then that.  Of course the temp could climb above freezing.  That might be good.  Here is the real news.  It is so cold here, I have closed most of the windows in my room. 

Maybe I could have a turkey... bigger than Tucker... ummm maybe I have landed on something.

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