Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to School

I am hoping something is recharged.  Not me, not my bank account, not my laundry room. But I think ME is ready to return.  Gloves, slippers on the way to Spokane, 600 plus in books, two new note books. A couple of jars of Marmalade and lots of Thai Food.  She was packing until midnight.  Okay I did find a spare bra on the kitchen floor?

Things I did learn this time.  I must train for a week of appointments.  It is exhausting.  The back and forth, this hospital, that hospital, home, back to the SCCA.  I am out of shape.  Now being out of shape in handling your child's cancer world is a good thing, I just need to be better at it next year.  This will happen indefinably.  

So now what for me... I guess that is a good question.  I will work on working some more. 

Right now I am finishing my cup of coffee, listening to Lady Gaga and enjoying the dark of the morning. It is so so quiet. 

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