Friday, January 03, 2014

Sometimes you do get a Win

From the Moment you enter Cancer World they begin to help you manage your expectations about the life of your child.

Less Socially adept
Life long secondary cancer risks
Less life expectancy
Loss of Executive Functioning
Problem with complex problem solving

Yeah, the list goes on.  They have written books about it.  They hand you one when you transfer to Long Term Follow-up.  Nice young gentleman playing basketball with one leg gone.  It is harsh.  But then all of it is harsh.

We won't ever trust again.  Not in a significant way.  I know deep in my heart that this is not the end, the last battle.  There is still something that will appear when they roll the end credits.  But with time, you come to expect it.   Its okay and it is what it is and today is good.

We knew after Spinal/Cranial Radiation lots of gray matter was destroyed and new stuff was not as present.  It takes 3 to 5 years for the effects to make themselves known.  It was sort of frightening to watch IQ plummet as the years passed.  Thank-God she had some extra to spare.  Then there was the total body radiation.... at 19 she had her total lifetime number of Rads.....

So School was a bit scary.  Really Scary.  Gonzaga made it possible for her to take two classes during her two year recovery.  They went well but then she had unlimited time except for tests.  I relaxed when a problem did not make it to the professor after the test.  He let her know and she was able to do the problem in her head. 

So first time back in school.   A light 15 credits.  She had taken one of her classes so she would not have to take 18.  Calculus, Physics and lab, Materials and lab, Circuits lab and, Economic.  Well the grades are in and she is sleeping like a baby and feeling really really smart.  Calculus was not flunked.... C-  We can sell the book now.  The rest.... A's. 

My conclusion.  The extra total body radiation did a lot of good. She really struggled with Physics her freshman year.  Yes, bring on the Radiation.

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