Sunday, January 05, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole we go.....

Monday starts Mary-Elizabeth's Two Year evaluation at SCCA. 

On the good side, she is here for this evaluation.  Lots of losses these past two years.  Any one that scoffs at miracles should just look at this smiling face.

She is a true survivor and proof there is a God.  Now I don't know his name or hers.  I know it is not luck or chance and extra prayers.  Some thing in this universe helped us through this process.  I will remain grateful and cognizant of how blessed we have been.
So back to tomorrow, blood draws, scans, pulmonary function tests..... pick a test she will be having it.
The purpose of the tests are to see where she is in all of this. 
It should be good, she feels good, she is looking good.  It will be good.  
Because they gave us a day off from testing, we are going to make a mad dash to Canada for a Hockey Game.... Should be quite an adventure!!! But then we have been in this Rabbit Whole a long time and you never know what might come your way....

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Maggie said...

Have fun on the adventure! Two of the grandest people in the universe!