Friday, April 18, 2014

Piles of Pennys

So how long will the penny be around?  Canada has stopped using them. We have them but they feel weird. I have a big jar of them because we started saving change a couple of years ago. Or to be more precise, I started to save change.

Some are shiny. Some are old and tarnished. Some are really made with copper. I even have a couple made of aluminum from WWII times. We are attached to our pennies. 

 A penny for your thoughts.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
Penny wise but pound foolish.

No one really pays attention to them but I bet if we just stopped using them on a certain day, there would be screams.
I think like many things the penny will fade from our memory.  It will be something we think about when we run across those spare ones fallen in the corner of a drawer.  Insignificant. Minor. Minuscule, not worth the bother.

It makes me wonder what else we have let fall in the drawer.  An unfinished letter, an old stamp, a memory card, a cord from a long gone electronic devise, a half-used up pen, a key, a broken chain. Things that seem to have slipped away from our lives. 

Because I know things can slip away, I try really hard to keep in touch with the important ones.  I am working on people right now.  I figure what is the worst that people can do be ignore me.  (Not that I am easy to ignore.) I want to make sure I contact and connect with people in a real way.  A call, a note, a real cup of coffee. An invitation.  It is not necessary for the house to be perfect or even acceptable.  No one notices I have a pile of piles that needs to be filed or bits and bits of projects on my table in progress.  A book or 10 on the coffee table might lead to a good conversation and some exchanges of ideas.

I guess as my soul energy returns I can reach out more.  I have been in a quiet place for a long time.  A place of self reflection, a bit of self pity, a place of worry and deep concern.  A bunch of pennies have piled up and it is time to use them.   

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