Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Thoughts on Change

"Everything in the universe is constantly change and nothing stays the same and we must understand how quickly time flows by if was to wake up and truly live our live"

Jiko, from A Tale for the Time Being.

But how do we know if we are awake?  I guess that is only one of the questions.   Do our dreams prod us? Do our fears let us know we are slacking or we are awake?  I wish I knew the answer to all of that but I suspect the definition is different for everyone. 

I know we all expect to live each day to the fullest if we are that sort of person.  I think some are more bold than others.  Some are risk takers, some are risk avoiders.  I know for sure my daughter is a watcher and thinker and she does not make a move without much cogitation.  The whole menu is read before a decision is made.  I am more of an impulsive person.   Both methods are good things.

I suffer from a fair amount of PTSD from the whole cancer twice in a decade thing.  It changes you but I think it does so for the better in lots of ways.  It certainly opens you eyes to another realm.  I am entering the alumni role now.  We have graduated, so to speak.  It gives me time to reach back and try to help those in the midst of the process. 

I remember when MEB was first diagnosed and St. Joseph came to the rescue.  The school, the church, the families.  The first on our door step was Rick Boyle.  He has been at our side during all of it, the first diagnosis, the relapse everything. It was an amazing gift and will never be forgotten.  Not to say everyone did not do something of great value at the time.  He was part of my new tribe.  He knew in that way only one in the same situation can know. 

After induction to the tribe a creation of new part of your being happens.  Sort of like a growth.  Maybe it would be better to think of it as some sort multiple new neurons in your brain.  It can't be removed and it sort of becomes your friend.  That bit of growth gives you more compassion, more insight, more creative powers, the ability to help those in your tribe survive.  It makes you know things no one wants to know.

So our time in Cancer World keeps changing who we are and what we see and do.   I am trying to make it less of who I am.  I don't know if I will ever be free of the worry and anxiety it produces.  I find that if I can help someone else and focus on their journey, it helps. A lot.

Change is always changing.  Time is always moving forward. I have no control over much.  Mostly I think I have control but then I am very very wrong.   Everyday I try to do positive things for others.  Good things for myself and keep moving through life   Awake.

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