Sunday, April 13, 2014


WE have lots of them.  Lots and lots.  My ear only likes certain types.  They need to be tuned.  Not just clanky.  They need to happy sounds.  They clear the air and the surrounding area of bad vibes.  They must be willing to become tired and faded over time.  A bit of rust seems to be all right.  It is a good thing.  clear crisp sounds. 

I recorded some of the night sounds.  It starts with slow movements of the trees, there is a rustle in the magical Douglas fir in the neighbor's yard.  It gains some power as it flows through the rest of the grove.  Then they start.  The first clang of the rough, single temple bell, the various chimes join in, followed by the gong. The garden gong.  A virtual cacophony ensues.   As quickly as it starts the silence returns.  

On a good night they will bang and clang with great enthusiasm.  Great fervent evil spirit banishing sounds ring out.  Mostly we have to be happy with a bit of some tinkling. Gentle reminder of the presence of good spirits.

I found a new set the other day at Good Will.  Brand new, Woodstock Chimes.  Olympic... power of the ancient gods.  I know why they had been donated, they are deep and resounding as they sway with the trees.  They have a whole area of their own.  One set it all that is needed outside of Mary-Elizabeth's room to keep away lots of goblins.  Lots and lots.  

I need them.  A small barrier against the never known predators stalking us.  I am not sure how to keep the demons away.  Sort of like garlic against vampires.  Not sure if it works but know it is something I can do.  It is one small thing. I guess it is why the tiny chimes are in the Wishing Rock bags.

Every day I read about someone just beginning the Cancer World journey or the Bone Marrow Process.  I take a moment, feel the panic, take a deep breath, say a bit of prayer and answer with a comment.  It is not a usual comment.  Even today I don't really understand how horrible the process has been.  Day after day, week after week.  While I was responding to a mom, I came up with the name of my book.   "It Certainly Isn't Like it is on TV!!!!!" 

Please come visit on a windy day.  Enter through the secret barrier of the chimes.  Know they are there for everyone.  Each a message to those we have lost, those who we will lose, all who are fighting, all that hope to never have to fight again.  

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