Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wishing Rock Dreams....

We had another meeting last night.  Out on the patio, warm, Ice Tea.  Good ideas, good conversation.  No cookies. 

Shannon Huber came.  Jaxon was her special little guy.  He has been gone for a year.  
He was a special little guy.  

After everyone left, she and I had time to talk.  We both agree this Wishing Rock thing is a way to stay connected in a meaningful way with those that have followed us at Seattle Children's.  There is such a need to reach out and touch those that are starting this process.  We are hoping to do a small thing. A meaningful thing.  

We all want our time in Cancer World to have a good purpose.  We need light, not dark.  We need to make sure the hours we all wait, the millions of dollars expended, the long suffering of our children have purpose. I think this project was born from a desire and acknowledgment that  as humans we need connection.  It is important to reach out touch and do a kind act.  More important, the connection needs to be made. 

So, we are off and running.  Things are falling into place. We are going to make this a great thing. 

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