Friday, September 19, 2014


We keep marching forward but sometimes it is necessary to step back and spend a few moments in the past. 

I found this picture with some other's.  I don't know when it was put away but sometimes it is good to see take them out and look.  My daughter will laugh at the glasses. Jerry Tapia will be dismayed that he ever ever did my hair like this.  I am amazed that I knit three sweaters for Mary-Elizabeth and her cousins.  I am amazed I convinced a guy from Astoria to come to Cannon Beach and take the family pictures.  We are sort of once in 20 years sort of folks. 

I am still pounding away at becoming employed.  Mary-E and Tucker are off doing college things.  The world keeps moving forward no matter what we do but it is good to take a few moments and pause and think about the good things from our past. 

Boy what a difference 20 years can make.  WE both are still very very cute. 

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